Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spiritist articles in German (Seele, Spiritistischen Gedanken by Adriana Sachs Vogel)

Für mich wird es eine erfreuliche Aufgabe sein, mit den Lesern mein Wissen teilen zu dürfen. Kommentare und Fragen sind herzlich willkommen, und werden mit Freude und Hingabe beantwortet, schließlich wird der Blog für die Leser gemacht, und ihre Teilnahme bereichert umso mehr den Inhalt. Wissenschaft, Philosophie und Religion... das ist Spiritismus! (1)
(Adriana Sachs Vogel- Seele, Spiritistischen Gedanken)
German speaking countries now have a new Spiritist blog in German. Adriana's blog: [Seele - Spiritistischen Gedanken,  blog über Spiritualität "Soul - Spiritist thoughts, blog about spirituality"] - is a recently created web log with many interesting articles and texts in German language.

Some examples of articles are:
There are other articles about reincarnation. Also informative are the section of biographies, among others we find: Allan Kardec, Chico Xavier and Divaldo Franco.

We have a special collaboration with Seele in the form of two articles translated into German. The first was Kommerzialisierung der Medialität  and a second Die Ziele von der Lehre der Geister (Spiritismus) ("The aims of Spirit's teaching"), which is a translation of Os objetivos do Espiritismo  already published in Portuguese. We hope to provide English versions for all these articles and publish them here very soon.

Adriana's blog is not a personal account, but truly a repository of articles that bring Spiritist content and information in German language, which is somewhat difficult to find. It also has an interesting approach: to show Spiritism in its triple aspect, emphasizing the scientific and philosophical sides which are necessary to open access to the religious counterpart. After all, gone are the times of dogmatic principles of faith.

Probably, Adriana's page is one of the most complete sites about Spiritism addressing German speaking people.


(1) "For me, it is a blessing duty to share knowledge with my blog readers. Comments and questions are welcome and will be answered with commitment and pleasure, because this blog was created to readers and their participation will further improve the content of all treated subjects. Science, philosophy and religion.. this is what Spiritism is all about!  "