Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1st Lusophonic Spiritist/Spiritualist Film Festival, February 21 – 25, 2012

Calling all free spirits in London: Join us for a week of films that have potential to transform our lives. Come and get connected with like-minded souls, and discover the best of the production of spiritual films from Brazil, some of them movie blockbusters never seen in the UK. These features and documentaries inspire, enlighten and challenge us.

Check the highlights below and click here for the full programme. All films are original Portuguese versions with English subtitles. Tickets for all individual films are available for free, so early booking is highly advisable. Some film screenings will be followed by a debate, and there will also be book stalls with plenty of books in all languages.

Dates: February 21 – 25, 2012
Venue: Room G34 - Arts Building, Queen Mary University of London.
327 Mile End Road (Mile End Tube Station) - London E14 NS - Map
Free bookings:

Nosso Lar (The Astral City)
Direction: Wagner de Assis. The biggest film ever made in Brazil. A huge box office hit with more than 4 millions tickets sold. Based on the bestselling book Nosso Lar / Our Home dictated by the spirit André Luiz to the Brazilian medium Chico Xavier. After dying in a surgery, the doctor André Luiz awakes and realizes that there is life after life.

The Spirits’ Film
Direction: André Marouço, Michel Dubret. A drama freely based on The Spirits’ Book (1857), by Allan Kardec, the founding work of Spiritism. After losing his wife, a man enters into depression and began to suffer from alcoholism. When he is about to take his own life, a stranger gives to him a copy of The Spirits’ Book. It is the beginning of a life-changing journey. 

The Medium’s Mothers
Direction: Glauber Filho, Halder Gomes. Elisa, Ruth and Lara are three women with unbearable losses in their lives. The spiritual comfort finds a place in their hearts when they meet Chico Xavier, the greatest medium of all time. They receive, through his mediumship, letters of their departed ones, which confirm that there is no death and that life goes on. Based on true stories.

The Pyschographed Letters by Chico Xavier
Direction: Cristiana Grumbach. For many decades, mothers and fathers of different religions, who had lost their children, sought the Spiritist medium Chico Xavier (1910 – 2002) in the hope of receiving psychographed letters from their departed ones. In this touching documentary, these parents tell us how these letters changed their lives. 

The Great Synthesis of Pietro Ubaldi
Direction: Oceano Vieira de Melo. A look back at the life of Italian Spiritualist philosopher and writer Pietro Ubaldi (1886 – 1972). Considering themes such as reincarnation, spiritual evolution, life after death and mediumship, his books were received through inspiration and represent the synthesis of knowledge in the areas of Science, Philosophy and Religion. 

Allan Kardec, the Educator
Direction: Edson Audi. Documentary recounting the life of French philosopher and educator Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail (1804-1869), also known as Allan Kardec. The film was shot in the places where he lived: Lyon, Yverdon and Paris. Learn more about the works and the thought of the man who codified the Spiritist Doctrine. 10 am on February 21st

Bezerra de Menezes: a Spirit’s Journey
Glauber Filho, Joel Pimentel. The compelling story of the physician, politician, writer and humanitarian Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes (1831 – 1900) who became known as “the physician of the poor” for giving free care to thousands of patients in nineteenth century Rio de Janeiro. 4 pm on February 22nd.