Friday, January 27, 2012

Advanced Call for Proposals for the 2012 annual Meeting of LIHPE (Association of Researchers on Spiritism), São Paulo, Brazil.

Since 2003, the annual meeting of LIHPE (Association of Researchers on Spiritism) has been a lively space dedicated to discussions and studies on Spiritualist themes according to academic standards. LIHPE is essentially a virtual community of researchers interested in academic studies but not necessarily composed by Spiritualist people (in this sense, LIHPE is a non-denominational group). Members should only observed the group behavior standards in order to participate.

In its beginning, LIHPE was created to support records on history of Spiritualism (in its Brazilian version called Spiritism - a term originally created in France in the XIX century). Other research interests were then added to the group, from a wide variety of academic fields such as philosophy, physics, psychology, social sciences, anthropology among others.

Since its inception, LIHPE founder, Eduardo Carvalho Monteiro, realized that simple collaboration at distance would not be enough to establish groups or even make people work together. The annual meeting ENLIHPE was then created. The city of São Paulo is the main host place for the encounter that takes place at CCDPE-ECM (Eduardo Carvalho Monteiro Center for Culture, Documentation and Research on Spiritism), an institution created by the effort of many people after Monteiro's death. CCDPE-ECM also houses Monteiro's private library containing a large collection of Spiritualist works.

CCDPE-ECM: the leading institution that houses LIHPE annual meeting
that traditionally takes place on August.
CCDPE-ECM has been housing LIHPE members for the last 4 years. The encounter brings exhibitors from all Brazilian regions and states such as Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Piauí, Ceará, Bahia and Goiás. Previous international participation has been restricted to an Italian anthropologist who later submited a monograph in his country for publication. However, it is now time to open the meeting doors for more international collaboration.

If you have any work in the frontier between Spiritualism and other recognized sciences - or even non-recognized ones (such as Paranthropology), let us known. We invite you to submit an abstract for the the next LIHPE meeting (occurring on the 18-19th August). More information you will soon find on the LIHPE website

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