Sunday, October 20, 2013

Spiritist articles in PDF format: the release of the SKL repository

A new repository of spiritist articles can be accessed in the Spiritist Knowledge Letters which is a static page incorporated as a tab at top of the Spiritist Knowledge blog (see above). The aim of this space is to bring together spiritist information in the form of academic articles. 

The present content of SKL contains the following titles which can be reached through Google Docs:

SKL#01 A. Xavier. Pragmatics and intention in automatic writing compositions: the Chico Xavier case.

SKL#02 A. Xavier. The Non-observable Universe and an Empirical Classification of Natural Phenomena.

SKL#03 S. Chibeni. The Spiritist Paradigm.

SKL#04 S. Chibeni. Spiritism: An experimental approach to the issue of personal post-mortem survival.

In particular, we highlight the last artible by philosopher Silvio Chibeni, containing an interesting study about the question of post-mortem survival against the background of modern epistemology.

Please, read the abstracts and dowload the files of other articles in the SKL page.

SKL is also also open to contributions. If you have any interesting article in English on the subjects described on SKL page, do not hesitate to contact us. We will format the material to the style that was chosen for all SKL texts. 

It is important to emphasize that SKL is not an academic journal, but simply a repository of articles (similarly to whose aim is to provide a place in the internet for modern texts of interest for spiritualist and spiritist people in general.