Sunday, December 22, 2013

A short history of the world as told by a spirit (by Brian Foster)

A new article has been added to the SKL repository: "On the Way to the Light: the Spiritist Story of Earth as told by Emmanuel" by Brian Foster which is a review of F. C. Xavier book 'On the Way to the Light'  (see reference below for book availability).

On the Way to the Light, by the spirit Emmanuel, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, was written in 1938, but first published in English in 2011. Emmanuel details how the Spirit world has managed and channeled the human race, from the conception of our planet to the present, on the road to a higher plateau. This book upends all we know about world history. 
The article surveys the book and provides commentary on key events described by Emmanuel. It is intended to introduce the reader to a different aspect of Spiritism. Whereas most literature concentrates on our personal relationship to our own spiritual progress, On the Way to the Light exposes the larger manipulation of the human race. Emmanuel also provides hints as why the Spirit world follows certain strategies.

Read the article here: link to SKL repository.


Xavier, F. C. (2011), On the way to the light, Edicei of America, LLC. Available at Amazon here.