Monday, January 13, 2014

Principles of good government according to the Spirit World (by Brian Foster)

A new article has been added to the SKL repository: "On the Way to the Light - Principles of Good Government as Implied by the Spirit World" by Brian Foster which is an analysis of the idea of good governemt in the context of the book 'On the Way to the Light' by C. Xavier  (see reference below for book availability).

The Spirit world is actively moving us to manage ourselves in a civilized manner. The book, On the Way to the Light, and other writings lay out the track for us to follow to improve the governments of whatever nations we reside. 
Spiritism has existed over one hundred and fifty years, since Allan Kardec published The Spirits Book. The book states, in the conclusion section, "The development of these ideas present three distinct periods. The first is that of curiosity, excited by the strangeness of the phenomena produced; the second, that of reasoning and philosophy; the third, that of applications and consequences" (Kardec, 2010, p. 531). It is time for application, time to apply the principles that a decent society must follow. These principles and why the Spirit world has guided us to them is the topic of this article.

Read the article here: SKL repository.

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Xavier, F. C. (2011), On the way to the light, Edicei of America, LLC. Available at Amazon here.