Sunday, May 4, 2014

Some considerations about the proper use of mediumship

We know that mediumship is a human faculty that allows us to get in contact with the Spirits (1). Mediumship is a neutral ability, that is, it is not attached to the "good" or the "evil" side or, putting in another way, it does not depend on the bad or good use we make of it. Moreover, it is not equally distributed among all people. Organic dispositions make it a gorgeous capacity of some people while , for the majority, it is almost imperceptible.

In the past, mediums were highly regarded and persecuted. It is possible to identify traces of mediumship in many past personalities of the human history. In the Old Testament, prophets were consulted and called "Seers" (see, for example, Isaiah 30:10, Samuel I, 9:18 and 19). In ancient Greece, the Oracle of Delphi listened to all kinds of problems of private and public life. Religious dogmatism, however, in several times, also persecuted mediums who were regarded bearers of unknown and diabolical powers. Even today, we find religious groups that do not accept mediums. Also, skeptical groups in modern times do not recognize the faculty legitimacy and regard mediums as ordinary deceivers.

In general, the public relations with such intermediaries were always commercial in character. For the majority of people, payment of mediumship or psychic service may seem natural. However, the truth they may bring is received freely from elsewhere. Commercial relations with mediums are as old as humankind and are among the main obstacles to the development of mediumship, for the simple reason that, again, the fruits mediums bring to men are not product of their own work. Moreover, mediums have no domain over their faculty.

Therefore, any medium can lose forever his/her abilities and this is the main reason for the onset of trickery and fraud in many mediums who were formerly capable of notable effects.

If you still resort to professional mediums to solve your inner problems, it is a good thing to insure yourself against certain practices and beliefs using some simple directions:
  1. Know the past history about the medium you are going to consult. It is perhaps the best "certificate of excellence" of that medium. Do not believe in careless opinions people may give you about a certain medium;
  2. Regarding payment, pay attention to the relation between what is being asked for and what is being offered in reward. Be suspicious of those who ask large amounts in exchange of information they claim to receive;
  3. One cannot force communication with the After Life. Frequently, attempts of this type may lead to information being forged in order to satisfy the client;
  4. Be suspicious of mediums who claim to receive resounding and disproportionally assertive information compared to the magnitude of your life facts. Surely, you are responsible for your life and should evaluate rationally if the disclosed information correspond, in fact, to what you would normally expect. It is not the case that great changes may not happen to you, however, for they to happen, great life adjustments require that you change first on your side;
  5. Be suspicious of mediums who claim to be in contact with far superior beings than us. Almost always, the medium is a person like us, with all kinds of problems and often commit more serious mistakes. Exchange with elevated spheres may happen indeed, however, never under suspect, continued and forced conditions. It does not make any sense to believe that entities living in a far superior world could, at the same time, be submitted to puerile request of those down on Earth; 
  6. Know what to ask. Think about your doubt or request first, if it simply is a problem that may be solved by resorting to other professionals (therapist, psychologist etc). Perhaps, they are in a much better position to help you than mediums of any kind;
  7. In general, many spontaneous revelations are preceded by subtle signals in life, incidents that may appear before and after the reading (dreams, coincidences, spontaneous messages received elsewhere etc). It is therefore necessary that you, who ask for help from the After Life, also have the sensibility and insight to realize the existence of these signals in your life by yourself.
Perhaps the loss of a closed relative may lead you to seek a medium. If this is the case, you should also know that you can also receive consolation by invoking him by yourself and asking the most High on behalf of him. Often this is the right attitude before looking for help from the After Life.

Above all, be sure that commerce with the highest spheres cannot be established on earthly grounds. The recipient should have merit in order to receive, which is equivalent to have special credit. Such credit cannot be purchased by any amount. On the other hand, we all have, to a greater or lesser extent, some degree of mediumship. In this way, you may receive the benefit, if you haven't received yet, by being naturally inclined to hear the message content from above. 


(1) Medium - (Latin -  intermediary) - Person who serves as an intermediary between Spirits and men. ("The Book on Mediums", II Part, "On Spirit's manifestations", Chapter XXXII, Spiritist Vocabulary)